I am CHIZZY and I reside in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

The decision to blog came first, because I wished Port Harcourt could be like Lagos, then later on, as a realization that in Port Harcourt is all it takes to be better.
I've lived in PH all my life, and my passion for this city stems from the fact that I believe in this city.
I believe in the government, I believe in the people, I believe in the industries, I believe in the businesses here - upcoming, already established, big and small.
And I will help you see that.

I'm a Makeup/Fashion Enthusiast, Accessories/Nail Polish Junkie and a whole lot of other things, and I got really tired of hunting for stuff ranging from beauty products to household items, from one departmental store to another in Port Harcourt (Yeah! I'm aware diaris(there is) something called online shopping, but Boy!!! some of us still want to hunt shop offline). 
In my search most times, I'm like..."wheeeeew!!! finally!"....and other times I'm like ..."Na wa oh!!"
 (to my foreign audience, 'Na wa' is a Nigerian word that I can't give a general meaning...I tried...but I can't, because the meaning changes with context. In this context, it means 'not fair') because the price is too outrageous, almost double the price I read about in reviews. All because they are the only retailers.....not fair!!!.

In this blog, 
I will try to help people in this same situation by highlighting where you can get what you need without breaking your pocket as well as make service providers sit up.
I will also share my thoughts about certain issues as well as review people,places and things. Restaurants/Hotels/Fast Foods are not exempted....I say No! to rubbish. Okay! Chizzy calm down. 

I'm so excited. Welcome to my blog....my corner.....Chizzy's CoRnA!